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Caja Negra Mixtape for Tepeme Musica

« … made under the auspices of the old and eternal authority of Tonatiuh, who was present in picture in the form of a postcard that my sister brought me back from her trip to your land a while ago and which came out of a drawer like by magic.
It is a dream from the stars through the wind in the woods, descending from the mountain towards the frenzy of the living on earth; an ode to all the systems that feed on the sun. »

The music of Grenoble gardener Denis Morin aka Vague Imaginaires cross-pollinates modal synthetics, equatorial ambience, and drum circle minimalism into ecological fantasies of “natural forces and enchanted worlds.” Si así se describe su música, imagina su selección.

Denis, you left us speechless with your Caja Negra dreamlike delivery. What a ride 🦄🦄🦄

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Artwork: in the w o n d e r of light

Symphony of the forest and breath of the ocean helped to remember how to come back to myself…A mystery revealed…Looking around and seeing the distance traveled, unbearably obvious why this necklace of events adorns my chest…And all that mind games only created unnecessary variations – apparently just for no reason, for illusional purpose, perhaps not to be bored…But was it? This is not that it all about…The most important thing – is that here and now, I am truly free…

Once having experienced these states, nostalgia periodically rolls over and the inner voice impatiently shouts:

-“I want this to happen again and again!” Do something!

Then you can feel some kind of heaviness or something…Don’t know how to describe…Oh yes! Like Sisyphus, he understands it for sure…At the peak of this experience, for some reason, a quote pops up – seems it was Nietzsche…Hmm…Or it was one of the Sufi masters…Ok, it’s not so important, the bottom line is that everything that we call matter – possesses memory and that’s why I am traveling in this forest, enjoying the atmosphere and exploring new round of spiral – much further than life itself…

Layer within a celestial unity the light was beyond and within its fragments, merging into each other in eternity and becoming new chapter of Amateur Exotic mixtales!