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best is to speak with me but hey here are some musical events in my life :

Beware this page contains a ton of info you might really don’t care like all resumes ;-), but I am happy to satisfy the urges of information of big data maniacs but also to observe by this path the Spiral coherence of my existence and the germs of future projects:

I am Denis Morin, born in Echirolles on Saturday January 21, 1984 at 4 pm

4 years old: first Playschool cassette with microphone /// Yaourt a cappella in the yellow camper with flower curtains:

For more details on my early years and even an extract of yoghurt (hehehehe) see the article: musical autobiography.

6 years: acquisition of a Yamaha Psr 150 synthesizer and determination to become a composer.

7 years: pseudo composition and use of the Yamaha effect bank to tell travel.

12 years: practice of improvisation on pentatonic scale and discovery of electronic music in all its forms with “max the star-system” a radio show on fun radio a cool radio in these big time of “free radio” <3.

13 years old: Discovery of the Fast Tracker 2 software, first House and experimental compositions under MS-Dos, of which there is only one cassette left whose release is planned posthumous! (Ah ah!)

14 years: resale of PSR 150; Purchase of the Roland D-50 synthesizer, first search for sound syntheses, work on melodic lines and hypnotic-mystical minimalism in front of the window.

16 years: purchase of sound card logic pro audio Isis and composition under Windows 98. Lost compositions; Dead disk in a corner … Seeks paypal donor for data recovery in clean room, (no guarantees that sounds are good, this is a joke, huh!)

18 – 22 years old: philosophy and musician studies in a small group of funk / psychedelic jazz conducted by the cool guitarist Karim Cherkaoui.

23 years old: master of philosophy, specialty of language science and Erasmus in Scotland meetings of Daniel Conan Clarkson the man whose humor even penetrates my dreams and then Stewart Brown the man whose musical taste is safe and always relevant; Discovered by means of British electronic music and socials.

25 years: success of my master 2 of philosophy with memory the dream in the philosophy of Nietzsche.

26 years old: the beginning of the adventure in the middle of a free party.

28 years old: Returning to music after this long philosophical night, abandoning studies of philosophy for the benefit of psychedelic composition under the pseudonym of Youpidou.

May 14, 2012: First release on the London based label This Is Music, with the remix of the Silver title of the album Voltopia, the excellent Helium Robots.

29 years old: pro license from webmaster editorialist, start of residences “Dreaming back to future” at the Bauhaus bar with PhraxBax.

30 years: internship at the artist Light Painter Jadikan, then internship of assistant of the communication manager at the launch of La Belle Electrique. Creations with Pauline Morgana (LilyCup photography), Léo Duverger (LeLailai graphics and video art), and Frédéric Galet (PhraxBax DJ selector) of the association Des Nuées de sens.

From age 31:

Technical manager, pre-mastering, podcast, programming and radio pedagogy, antenna manager, sound designer, technician and host of various programs including Play On, a magazine on all the specters of sharp electronic music (or even sharp in the vulgar) also trying to think about the socialites of electronics nights.

Exploration of the electronic music scene in Grenoble. Meeting of the various actors of this invigorating home. Collaboration with the labels Stochastic Releases, Micropop records, Fullfridge, Dick Head Records, 12th isle (via Stewart Brown and Fergus Clark, Scotland).

Creation of MAO initiation and improvement workshops, based on creative approaches to compositions, more than on the technical side (now widely facilitated by the intuitive functionalities of software). By honouring the encounter between artists (whatever their level) and the exchange of processes or other technical tips and tricks.

Also doing social workshop with isolates peoples, it could be people with psychic or physical difficulties, this is a collaboration with the Barbarins Fourchus company, a bunch of very good poets and musician of Grenoble which born from the street 20 years ago.

March 2017: Vinyl release for Stochastic releases: Working K under my real name.

April 2020: Tape on the mighty Not Not Fun label from Los Angeles, US