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Meet Denis the man behind Vague Imaginaires
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A few words about Vague Imaginaires

The music of Grenoble gardener Denis Morin aka Vague Imaginaires cross-pollinates modal synthetics, equatorial ambience, and drum circle minimalism into ecological fantasias of “natural forces and enchanted worlds”.

Britt Brown from Not Not Fun and The Wire

Not Not Fun just did it again ~ another chilled excursion to the imaginary lands full of joyful warmth and psychedelic bliss-out was found under the Vague Imaginaries alias and added to the legendary (yup, with no exaggeration) catalog of the label. Based on the dub-techno-ish pace of rich percussion, albums takes you on a journey with raga-like melodies and shimmering atmospheres built from field recordings ~ there’s nothing much to explain in fact, you could clearly imagine what to expect here if you know the label’s taste to such sound. Yet, it feels a bit different, another kind of fresh air ~ being rather clean sounding, especially on the contrast with super-hazy lo-fi jams of, say, Dreamers Cloth or Terlu. Yet I’m pretty sure both fans of good sound production and cassette lo-fi-ness are going to be satisfied here ~ with a perfect balance of his compositions, Mgr. Morin manages to drift in between liminal states, keeping his work both upbeat and relaxed at the same time. Some perfect trance-inducing tunes for any lover of lush otherworldly landscapes painted by the light glares through the closed eyelids. That’s basically everything you need to do with that tape ~ simply close your eyes and it will do its magic.

Piedpaper from Microphones In Tree

À Bord Du Magdalena showed up on my SoundCloud stream yesterday morning and it only took a few seconds of listening to hit like. A couple minutes later I was on the Bandcamp page for the album. 4 of 7 tracks are now available for preview, all good. The guy is a gardener and according to the BC story this release is in anticipation of his first daughter. Perfect promo

 Zeroy Chimney from Dream Chimney blog

Amazing! <3