| Denis Morin Cold Ubiquity
Denis Morin - Cold Ubiquity - digital album - Là-haut dans l'Océan, plebiscited by bandcamp daily on best ambient album list of march 2018
Denis Morin Cold Ubiquity Album

Denis Morin – Cold Ubiquity – digital album – Là-haut dans l’Océan




The album is in the Bandcamp Daily’s best of ambient, March 2018 ! —>


Denis Morin’s newest offering for French label Là-haut Dans L’Océan is a lush exploration of birds chirping in echoing circles, watery samples, and shimmering pads. Cold Ubiquity plays with the tones and pitches of a large variety of bird calls. The second half of the record is more synth-based, with pixelated melodies fluttering throughout. Some of the tracks were recorded in a 1400m altitude environment, and the whole record was made to be listened at that altitude “while snow melts in a little stream on the path.”

Aurora Mitchell – Bandcamp Daily