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Denis Morin Working K EP Vinyle on Stochastic Releases



This work tries to show that a net collaboration, aiming at musical perfection, is in itself a new way of living art. This reflection, through an exchange of remixes in remix, is coupled with a search for our need for degradation, sometimes up to excess (remixes have been through more or less of this trying different vst). But also as a work on the density, first of insect sounds recorded during personal travel and on the second hand of kicks, vital centers of techno music.

Beyond the musical universe requiring no justification, it also continues the (“autobiographical”) exploration of an imaginary elsewhere in Japan or China… With the practice of “Guzheng” on the Iwato range made possible by the technology of sampling.

The balafons, sampled instruments of predilection, are invited again in a second version mounted techno acid and abstract. The atmosphere is dark and bitcrush, for this side A which starts with the dense and obstinate sound of the main mix. She mutes on the B side in a lo-fi burn, lynchian universe, of the remix “dancefloor ready” of the violent techno of Krikor. This EP concludes on an aerial counter-foot, a return to a spacious clarity with this last track of Stewart Brown, dub deep and EP centerpiece, recomposed from the undistorted elements of the original mix, like a relaxed opening to the future.

Here is also what’s Stochastic maybe tell better about it and me :

Denis Morin is from Grenoble, a french provincial city located at the meeting point of three valleys of the Alps. This city is both high-tech and nature-oriented, due to its quite new history and location, respectively.
This EP contains 4 tracks, who are different versions of a track named Working K, eponymous to the EP.
There is the main mix by Denis Morin, which contains sampled « natural » sounds such as insects, guzheng and one of the heaviest kick in the whole spectrum of kicks that you can have access to nowadays. Yes that is a strong statement. So yes this main mix is a good reflection, I think, of this hybrid city of Grenoble, if you visit you will get it, maybe. It is dark, bitcrushed, obstinated. It is long and heavy, it is deep, it is ambient, it is not ambient.
And then there is a remix of this main mix by Denis Morin: abstract, progressive, like a ghost version of the main mix. Like this famous Burning Spear record « Marcus Garvey » and the dub version of it « Garvey’s Ghost », you just need both.
On the B side, you have an edit by Krikor, also known as Crack Boy, the gear master with the poisonous sounds, with the uncomfortable lines, who produced a lo-fi dancefloor ready track. But this is yet a strange dancefloor, a damp suffocating dancefloor, you don’t need to move to be sweaty and you don’t need to fear to be scared. You don’t need to move to be dancing as well of course.
And then there is the light, the cool breeze, the openness, which is the track by Stewart Brown from 12th Isle collective. This track is even deeper than the main mix itself, due partly to a particularly resolved and rich hi-hat sound. As I was taught at school, any conclusion should open to further ideas, well this is exactly what it does. Let’s go swimming or hiking or stay home as you wish.
Soundcloud link:
Youpidou remix “Silver” an Helium Robot’s track released on This Is Music label

My first remix for pro artists and a great label!
While resuming my sounds activities purely for leisure, the group Helium Robots of which I am fan proposes to remix the third single of their album Voltopia which appears on the London based label This is Music:

Here it is (not perfect but full of ideas):


I use it to experiment a maximum since the art of the remix from audio files is quite new to me, I then compose under the software Acid sony studio 7 and offers another version softer, still imperfect, but Which keeps its charm and deserves a listening if you got time to dream :